Moi Moi

From: Uru Obsession’s Bevin

Why did I get this thing? Sounds like a pack of toddlers saying nonsense. Vid?


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4 Responses to Moi Moi

  1. Whilyam says:

    I think vid meant to send that to me.

    Could you forward it, please?


  2. Arthur Kalnins says:

    I should’ve realized it was YOUR kind of stuff.

    Clear it up with him when he gets back. I don’t mind getting tips about my investigations, but I don’t need this… stuff.

    I’d ask you to remind him to send the Christmas pics he told me he would send to me, but that’s rather a moot point in February.


  3. vid says:

    You mean you DIDN’T get the christmas pictures?

    *snerk* Duh da da di do… MOI MOI!

  4. Arthur Kalnins says:

    No. I told you I would post them once I got them. I vaguely remember seeing one on the Uru Obsession website, but other than that, nothing.

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