From: Kadish Tolesa

Met the funders again today. I took them around Kadish for a few hours, they seemed amazed at the natural architecture of the Age. Aside from the constant chatter about the merits of modern deconstructivist architecture (aka: I kicked your sand castle and it looks better) it was a good trip.

I heard news from the City that the DRC forums are not coming back. This is quite possibly the stupidest move the DRC has made yet. The DRC forums are necessary to keep tabs on internal status reports and are a valuable resource. Speaking of resources, I also noticed almost all the Sights and all the Sounds have been taken out of the DRC site. I was really looking forward to sound tests and pictures from Kahlo or the other Ages.
After the meeting was over and everyone went home, I went to Myst. I kept a linking book to the Age when I went on the Journey to release the Tablet and go there to marvel at the Age. Back in the 90s when I played Myst I just thought, like everyone else, that it was nothing more than a quirky and interesting game by Cyan. But to walk around the Age, decaying as it is. To see the sunken boat, the gears, the rocketship, the tree, the clocktower… it makes it all strange. It makes it real. To walk where people you thought were only characters walked. Despite the death and destruction there, the Age still has a stunning beauty and a wondrous nostalgia.


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