From: Gahreesen

I don’t believe it. More things are missing. A box of nails and a small piece of sheet metal this time. I can see the vice grips in the forest below, but I’m not going there to retrieve it. Who or whatever is doing this apparently couldn’t make off with it. I’ll have to call Art and have him get replacements. Until I find out what’s causing this, I’m moving supplies inside the second building. It’ll be a tight squeeze for some of the metal, but I think I can get some of the lockers working.

At least there’s SOME good news. Michael was in the City today and a lot of us expressed our anger over the DRC forum shut down. Amazingly enough, he agreed. Said it was counter-productive or something. Big thing is, he’s telling Cate. He’s going to leave out that I think riots will start if Cate doesn’t shape up, but the main point is still something he’s going to talk about. Apparently Cate wanted the forums gone and got some support. Now she thinks no one cares about them.

Engberg looked around the Library for a while. Final inspection he said. Odd thing was that he didn’t actually OPEN the Library. People were so used to DRC showing up, “inspecting” it, and opening it that it came as a sort of shock when he said he couldn’t. Few days he says. He’s going to write up an informal report on it. I asked him if he’d make future reports public so we could see more of the process. I don’t think he answered that. He seemed to have problems as he was inspecting. Maybe his KI was going funny.


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