A Good Day

From: Uru Obsession’s Bevin

DRC forums are back. Michael mentioned small consequences we apparently don’t need to worry about. I posted a topic there asking Cate to come out and say her side in a sort of Town Hall meeting style. I think this might help find her issues with them and a possible solution. I posted:

From what I understand, Cate was unhappy during the sit-in because she wasn’t being allowed to say her side. Regardless of whether people think she had a right to say her side or not, I think she should. So, I call out to Cate to schedule a time when she can come to a hood (or multiple hoods) and say her piece. Say why she thought it was a good idea to close the forums. The explorers could then respond, giving possible solutions and ideas about how to better integrate the forums into cavern life.

Personally, I see two possible problems Cate is trying to solve.

1: Does anyone in the Cavern care?

I’d say yes, a great deal care a great deal (say that backwards now). Now can that be expanded? Sure. A lot of people have come down here unsure of who or what the DRC is. The DRC has done a lot to help this out and I think the same can be done for the forums. Mentions at the ResEng meetings and perhaps a poster on the classroom imager “Go to forums.drcsite.org” for your restoration needs or whatever.

2: What do you want from the forums?

Personally, I’d like more communication with the DRC. Polls or suggestions, updates. But what function does the forum serve? It serves as an official, central site where explorers can talk about the Restoration. Think of it like a forum for a game. A main site everyone knows and comes to to talk with their friends when they’re not in the game.

I hope Cate takes the opportunity and explains her side like she wanted to at the sit in.

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