Follow up

From: Uru Obsession’s Bevin

Well this is… surprising… a group of us in the UO hood were feeling down about the problems with the sit in today, so it was suggested we get a group together and go to the Beginner’s Bevin. Then Michael Engberg came on. We went to Beginner’s and I asked Michael if he would come by after he was finished in the City. He came by and the following took place:

(02/08 19:49:09) Chat.log started…
(02/08 19:49:15) Whilyam: Welcome Michael
(02/08 19:49:32) J’mee: Michael, hello!
(02/08 19:49:34) BrettM: Shorah, Mr. Engberg. Thanks for coming to talk to us.
(02/08 19:49:41) J’mee: Yes, thanks
(02/08 19:50:24) Whilyam: It seems the sit in was sabotaged, Michael.
(02/08 19:50:46) Lensy: Sabatoged? How? I came to join it
(02/08 19:50:52) Michael Engberg: I see.
(02/08 19:51:19) Whilyam: Many opposed to the forums crowded the City, keeping participants out.
(02/08 19:51:46) Michael Engberg: Interesting.
(02/08 19:51:54) J’mir: thats stupid, what was the forum about?
(02/08 19:52:05) Whilyam: If Cate wants numbers, with a few exceptions, all here are for the forums.
(02/08 19:52:12) J’mee: Also, many of us who would have participated in the sit-in were on the surface at the time, due to work obligations
(02/08 19:53:19) Whilyam: I think that Cate should remember that the DRC forums, if maintained properly, can be a great way to bring the explorers together to talk about what the DRC has released.
(02/08 19:53:19) BrettM: Mr. Engberg, do you have any idea of how Cate views the purpose and function of the DRC site at this time?
(02/08 19:53:42) Whilyam: It also has the effect of allowing hte DRC to see what is troubling the explorers.
(02/08 19:54:03) Michael Engberg: Well, regardless of the reason, the result of this morning’s sit in was to set my discussions with Cate about the forums pretty much back to square one.
(02/08 19:54:22) J’mee: The forums have played such a vital role in the history of the Restoration.
(02/08 19:54:25) Shoemaker: Oh ho ho! That sounds about right for Ms. Alexander.
(02/08 19:54:37) Lensy: Why, Mr Engberg or how?
(02/08 19:54:40) BrettM: Was she that irritated??
(02/08 19:54:42) Shoemaker: She’s not one for social disobedience, of course.
(02/08 19:55:18) BrettM: We’re very sorry that we had this effect! If we had known of your efforts …
(02/08 19:55:23) Jinglish: How does Cate feel that we should get information?
(02/08 19:55:37) Michael Engberg: I’ve been talking with her about them for about two hours since the sit-in. I think we are close to a compromise again.
(02/08 19:55:55) J’mee: Good news
(02/08 19:55:56) Whilyam: Anything we can do to help?
(02/08 19:55:59) Lensy: She doesn’t understand the passion of us, the explorers, for this place and these things
(02/08 19:56:03) Shoemaker: What concession does she want, then?
(02/08 19:56:14) BrettM: Mr. Engberg, aside from the forums, I am concerned that the site is significantly less information-rich than it was before the redesign.
(02/08 19:56:18) Lensy: Why should there be concessions
(02/08 19:56:39) Shoemaker: Compromise requires concession, Lensy. Let’s hear what the good Doctor has to say.
(02/08 19:57:03) J’mee: Originally, one could select a year on the site’s main page (on the timeline) and see old progress reports. I liked that.
(02/08 19:57:05) Whilyam: Perhaps this: The DRC has their private area. The DRC also has an area where minor updates (like when you placed Nexus terminals in the Ages) can go. The explorers have their public area.
(02/08 19:57:44) Jeremy: Mr Engberg, I’m sure you understand that we have a different perspective on this endeavor from some other people. I am not one to say that anyone’s thoughts are more or less valid than anyone elses… but that there is value to be gained from understanding the thoughts of the other side, whichever side you happen to be on.
(02/08 19:58:06) Whilyam draws Mr. Engberg’s attention to the group surrounding them.
(02/08 19:58:28) Jinglish: There should be a central information resource…KI mail alone can’t do the job.
(02/08 19:58:32) Jeremy: Those forums gave explorers a chance to get a look at the thoughts of those in, and involved in, DRC.
(02/08 19:58:52) Michael Engberg: Yes, Jeremy, I understand that.
(02/08 19:59:19) Jinglish: So what is the next step with Cate?
(02/08 19:59:59) Michael Engberg: For now, just give me a little more time.
(02/08 20:00:07) Jeremy: If Ms Alexander is concerned with inappropriate content from explorers being posted on your “professional” site, I can understand, but wouldn’t a fair and vaild compromise be to allow anyone to read, but only authorized personnell to post?
(02/08 20:00:15) Whilyam: Have Cate count these people, Michael. And they’re still only a small portion of those who enjoyed those forums.
(02/08 20:00:44) Curty: yes Michael we are patient:)
(02/08 20:00:52) Whilyam: Aside from letting you have more time, is there anything we can do?
(02/08 20:00:59) BrettM: Can you tell us anything about Cate’s vision for the site?
(02/08 20:01:00) Michael Engberg: I would hope so, Whilyam, or there reallly isn’t a reason to put them up again.
(02/08 20:01:13) Lensy is liking Ms. Alexander less and less all the time
(02/08 20:01:18) Jeremy: I’m not even concerned with social, or civic, disobedience. I am merely here to express my thoughts and concerns. Take them for what they are worth, and use them as you see fit.
(02/08 20:02:10) Michael Engberg: Thank you, Jeremy
(02/08 20:02:12) BrettM: I would really like to understand where she’s coming from. It would help us to deal with her better.
(02/08 20:02:13) Curty: Yes we really do miss the old DRC posts It really helps to give us Peace of mind…somewhat Michael 🙂
(02/08 20:02:29) Jinglish: Well, part of this is that our time for direct communication has been short…with the DRC, with Cate…all of which underscores the need for the site as a way to communicate
(02/08 20:02:47) Jinglish: But we appreciate you being here tonight!
(02/08 20:03:03) Jan Stepmeir: it was a simple power play, she needed to come in and exert her Authority over us protesters
(02/08 20:03:04) Whilyam: Cate should also know that, regardless of what she percieves as worth, the loss of those forums will make her VERY unpopular and could sway minds not made up.
(02/08 20:03:18) Curty: Helps us to be more patient cause we know more of what is going on as we should helping the DRC and all.;)
(02/08 20:03:19) Lensy: I hhave to agree with Jinglish. We don’t really have a way to communicate with the DRC now
(02/08 20:03:33) Chimaera: I agree with Jinglish
(02/08 20:03:39) Jeremy: In any relationshop, as I’m sure you’re aware, there is always a need for communication. Even employers must communicate with employees. Definately not on the same level as friends, but it is a flow of information none-the-less.
(02/08 20:04:06) Michael Engberg: BrettM, part of the problem was the lack of moderation. That will be addressed.
(02/08 20:04:07) Jeremy: And we explorers are certainly in a relationship with the DRC.
(02/08 20:04:07) Shoemaker: Hm. That is a valid point. If Alexander doesn’t plan on restoring the old forums, does she intend to find / use another output?
(02/08 20:04:35) Whilyam: I think I understand what she wants to do as well. She wants to make sure that people in the cavern actually want to read the forums and stil lcome down here.
(02/08 20:04:36) Jan Stepmeir: the D’ni left many modes of communication … the KI, the community center, the imagers etc.
(02/08 20:04:43) Lensy: Yes, moderation was a problem, but many explorers would make good moderators
(02/08 20:05:19) Jeremy: I hope that you can impress that upon Ms. Alexander. We are not her adversaries… we are allies in the common goal of exploration, discovery, and restoration of D’ni
(02/08 20:05:20) Michael Engberg: Hello, Kato.
(02/08 20:05:28) Curty: i do like the controled authority of the DRC …I do think we need to know what direction this train is going 🙂
(02/08 20:05:28) J’mee agrees with improved moderation.
(02/08 20:05:52) Jinglish is fine with that.
(02/08 20:06:20) Whilyam: Cate may also want to know that there are some who depend on the forums for information regarding the restoration when they are away on vacation or at work.
(02/08 20:06:36) Curty: It would be nice to know where Cate is going with this Restoration so we are not walking blind….
(02/08 20:06:38) Loganblue: Well then do they need new liasons or something? I mean, they old ones were done away with.
(02/08 20:06:40) Michael Engberg: I believe she understands that.
(02/08 20:06:43) Lensy: Yes, most of us can’t be here 24/7
(02/08 20:07:21) Lensy: And I perferred the DRC forums over some of hte other ones
(02/08 20:07:32) Lensy: for all its warts and such
(02/08 20:07:41) Whilyam: Also, sure, anyone can make a forum. But it’s the fact that the DRC have a forum that makes it more appealing. It also educates explorers about the DRC.
(02/08 20:07:43) Jan Stepmeir: Michael keep your eyes on Cate, don’t let her boss you around and use your work to make profit by selling artifacts and technology
(02/08 20:07:46) Michael Engberg: I did too, Lensy.
(02/08 20:07:49) syzen Susan agrees for the need for the forums
(02/08 20:07:53) Jeremy: I think it would be unreasonable to ask for daily Ki-mail updates… the forums are much more concise. And less intrusive for those who would rather not have their KI flashing constantly
(02/08 20:08:06) Jinglish: There are so many forums…DRC felt more “need to know” sometimes
(02/08 20:08:14) Lensy: or who can’t be there to get KIMail
(02/08 20:08:21) Jinglish: Right
(02/08 20:08:43) BrettM: I feel that the problem is more than just the shut down of the forums.
(02/08 20:09:00) Jinglish: What, Brett?
(02/08 20:09:01) Whilyam: Yes, it’s removal of the Sights and Sounds and other info as well..
(02/08 20:09:12) Michael Engberg: Well, I need to be getting back to work, just wanted to give an update on the forum progress.
(02/08 20:09:12) Shoemaker: General attitude of Alexander towards the explorers, Brett?
(02/08 20:09:15) Curty: i think we need to trust Cate a little more…..
(02/08 20:09:22) Whilyam: Such as the results of many of the contests.
(02/08 20:09:23) BrettM: We seem to have lost a lot of history. Where on the site is John Loftin mentioned, for example?
(02/08 20:09:23) Lensy: Yes, BrettM I think it is. It is not having been asked first if this was a valuable resource to the explorers or not
(02/08 20:09:26) Jinglish: Thank you, Michael
(02/08 20:09:27) J’mee: Thanks, Mr. Engburg!
(02/08 20:09:34) Whilyam: Well thank you for the chat, Michael
(02/08 20:09:35) J’mir claps his hands
(02/08 20:09:37) Jan Stepmeir: …just a word to the wise…
(02/08 20:09:37) Whilyam thanks you
(02/08 20:09:37) Jeremy: I am willing to trust her. I wish that she would have trust in me as well.
(02/08 20:09:38) Chimaera: Thanks for dropping by, Michael
(02/08 20:09:38) BrettM: Thanks for your time.
(02/08 20:09:38) brobitail: ty Mr. Engberg for your time
(02/08 20:09:39) Lensy: Thank you Mr Engberg
(02/08 20:09:40) Michael Engberg: Take care, everyone.
(02/08 20:09:42) Jason Lindon claps his hands
(02/08 20:09:42) Whilyam bows
(02/08 20:09:43) brobitail thanks you very much!
(02/08 20:09:44) Shoemaker: Roger that, Mr. Engberg. Do tell your new master that if she continues to constrain the explorers, Yeesha has a history of overriding that sort of behavior.
(02/08 20:09:46) J’mee waves hello
(02/08 20:09:46) Michael Engberg waves hello
(02/08 20:09:53) Jason Lindon waves hello
(02/08 20:09:59) Jeremy: Thank you for your time Sir.
(02/08 20:09:59) Lensy starts to laugh
(02/08 20:10:00) Curty: bye:)
(02/08 20:10:13) …Chat.log stopped.

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