The Sit in

From: Eder Delin

Missed the sit in. Doesn’t look like I could’ve gotten in anyhow. Apparently all the people who wanted the DRC forums shut down crowded the city so only 8 pro-DRC forum people could get in! I wish the DRC hadn’t shut down forums that only needed better moderation. I can understand they want their own private forums, but I, at least, enjoyed posting on that forum, debating and speculating on new areas in an official forum. Another thing I liked was the small bits of minor info given out (nothing critical like “Engberg got stuck in those new D’ni toilets we found” or “Man, those explorers suck” but small things like “The Nexus pedestals have been put up in the Ages”). I think I know what Cate is doing, trying to separate the “real” explorers from the “forum lurkers” those that don’t come down, but who just sit on the surface waiting for a new log from somewhere. But she should do this in a better and less divisive way. Some people HAVE to stay on the surface for jobs or because they’re from other countries and can’t get up at the same time people in New Mexico do.

Every year, Art goes up for Christmas at his folks’ place and his Aunt Klara brings her special pot pie he really likes. “Nobody makes that pie like Aunt Klara,” he says. And it’s true. The DRC forums were like that pie. If one year, Klara didn’t bring a pie, people would be sad. It wouldn’t make a difference if Uncle Boris made a pie, he sucks at making pie, besides, Aunt Klara’s pie had something extra brought just by her making it. She had no special ingredients or anything, it was just that SHE made it and that she had always made it that made it that little bit more special. Sure, some parts of the pie tasted bad, but that was mainly because Klara had less time recently to make sure the ingredients mixed well.

Now if you excuse me, I need some pie. I miss it.


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