Meetings in Delin

From: Relto

Quite an eventful day today. I was able to meet Victor Laxman in the Great Tree’s Delin. Nice man. Didn’t answer most of my questions, but he seems very nice.

Delin’s air pressure is falling. Victor says it happened before the Age was released and they saw a rapid change in conditions. They’re studying the age to see if there is a pattern. No threat.

Following that, Nick White spent some time passing Delin books out to neighborhoods that wanted them. While he was doing that, I asked him about a KI mail asking him about his salary. He said an explorer, Klarren, sent it to him.

Nick then came to the Great Tree Delin (popular hang-out spot for the DRC). He essentially said the same thing he said to me about the KI mail. Along with other pointless fluff (he’s single, whoopie) I learned he’s talked to Sharper again “only a matter of time” before he gets down here, he says. Says Cate likes him. Ugh… Cate’s good, but she wants things done safely. And, from what I know, breaking down barriers to a half-restored pub is not safe.

Nick also said that the roof is not a big deal. It’s safe, apparently.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to relax. I’m sick of asking questions for today.


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