Tsogahl Stained Glass Project

Signed up for the Tsogahl stained glass project on the site. Good grief. Either the ResEng who brought it was drunk or the thing’s been run over by a steamroller. I think I’ve got the frame stable now, though. Most of the glass is broken in and or burnt. I’ve spent the better part of today getting glass ready to put into the areas to replace the old glass. Lots of dirt too. Have to clean that up. I got the piece (beautiful even in this condition by the way..) set up in Eder Gira. Using some of the heat from the lava river to heat the metal frame (as well as the glass).
I’ll work some more tommorow on it.. Maybe once I’m finished with this I’ll take another one… Want to check the design first so I don’t end up with one in such bad condition.


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