Well… meeting went well enough, all things considered. Clarke’s still not happy. Kingsley’s not happy, but he never is. And Whitefield is off day-dreaming. Wonderful crew..

Alright, on to Negilahn. Nick has said (now on a few occasions) that the reason the animals in Negilahn aren’t seen that often is because their populations are dwindling due to over-predation apparently caused by age warming shifting predator migration patterns (An Inconvenient Squawk will likely come out soon..).

Connecting this with Sharper’s return doesn’t take that big of a leap. It seems likely, if not obvious, to me that Sharper will be hired to take care of the predators in Negilahn (and by “take care” I, of course, mean the opposite of caring a feeding them). To me it seems the perfect fit. Sharper wants to get back on the DRC’s good side, the DRC want to have an Age NOT devoid of wildlife.

Other news from the cavern.. Some explorers apparently stole a book to another Age named Dereno. No one really knows what happened. Bahro, ResEng incompetence, willful theft. Regardless, it was made clear that no one should link there until it is properly released. Those that linked there noted that the age creaked and groaned, apparently needing more restoration.

And old news… The strange firefly sparkler has moved from Kadish to Eder Gira now. And there’s now a bahro stone to the top of the temple pyramid in Kadish (beautiful spot).

There’s some more stuff regarding Negilahn I might post this week. I got some photos of the wildlife I’ve seen there.. need to get those up.


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One Response to Results

  1. Andre' The Hunter says:

    I do think Sharper would be well suited for fixing Negilahn, however i’m not sure the DRC will let him. Nick was saying that Sharper isn’t on best terms with the DRC and the meeting was an effort to “make ammends”. I’m not sure i’d want Sharper running around the jungle with a gun…unless i can join in of course 😀

    In Negilahn i’ve managed to attract (or random spot) a Urwin, a giant flightless chicken. Truely amazing creature, the thing must have been at least 12ft tall! There are also report about a two tailed, coneheaded monkey being spotted. The D’ni Zoological Society are keeping track of the flora and fauna seen in and the ages of D’ni.

    I can’t wait to see Negilahn come to life!

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