Just got the supplies for the J’taeri visit tomorrow. Included in that delivery were the two shirts I got off the DRC cafepress store. DRC says I can’t wear them in the Cavern, though. I’m assuming because ResEngs wear the same shirts.. I already put in a word asking to be allowed to wear it.

Got word today that Sharper is on the surface, finishing getting some supplies for his work down here. He IS going to be working in Negilahn, sorting out what’s going on with the animals there. Seems a perfect fit for the man. Not sure where in Africa he went hunting before (he reportedly went back to Africa since the end of the last restoration) but if he went to the jungles, he’s sure to feel at home here. I’m surprised the DRC didn’t let him into Negilahn sooner.

Additions to the blog… I changed some minor things on the Archives and I added an “Investigations” section where I’ll put all the things I am currently looking into.


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