Wow.. great day. First thing’s first: The Investigations list seems to be working well.. Arthur just used it. It was confirmed earlier by Cate that the Kahlo Pub might be repaired (or at least repairs may begin) in about three months. Not bad. Nick said tonight that the crack in the Negilahn pod (and the creatures that may or may not be able to get in) presents no danger. All the other little updates are in the list.
Went on the J’taeri trip today. Exciting. A ResEng met Art and I at the docks and linked us to the Pub (He then followed us, I assume through a Nexus link).
The Pub is pretty amazing. Some small areas are still badly damaged, but the DRC’s working on them.. Also working on getting some of the stuff that originally was in the pub back in. Not apparently a big priority, though. They’re working more on Ahnonay and Er’cana, I think, before opening the pub.

They only let us take the one picture..And there’s not much more I can say about the trip. We went through a small section of J’taeri itself (nice place. I saw some beautiful tiles. Got inspired about a design maybe for my Age.. Sent the design to the surface. We’ll see how it comes out).

Also in the cavern Sharper is back down. Apparently unpacking and setting up shop in Teledahn. Might come to the hoods to say hi, but Nick didn’t know.


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2 Responses to J’taeri

  1. Kestr'l says:

    Whilyam, how do you manage to get these preview shots of Ages we haven’t seen yet? I was under the impression that the DRC has to permit some explorers to examine the Ages early, but they are held under an NDA. Do you have a special arrangement with the DRC/Cyan?


  2. Whilyam says:

    Oops. Totally missed this.

    No, I don’t have any sort of special arrangement with the DRC or Cyan. I’ve just always had the book to the Watcher’s Pub and finally got around to scheduling a visit. It’d be a bit odd for me to just casually link in like I did before the DRC left. 😛


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