Going Along

Things are going along well.. I think. Talked to Kodama today. The DRC is starting to appear more regularly. Excellent step towards better communication. Kodama said that the reason Kirel is getting a “delay” is that this new un-named Age is getting higher priority for some unknown reason.

I’m practically jumping around on my Relto watching the Yankees. 4 – 1! Though it’s only Minessota. And they lost against some weak teams.. But the start of the season looks great, they already beat the Tigers once. I’ve got tickets to the game on the 31st, I’ll have to go up that week.. Maybe mix it in with a supply run.

Vormaen talked to Sharper in his (Vormaen’s) Negilahn. Sharper was apparently getting supplies to Teledahn and perhaps even visiting the “Teledahn II” area (I got a KI pic taken on a boat titled “on the way back”). The man hasn’t changed one iota. He’s done nothing more than wipe the slate clean in his own mind. He stole the translations because of some great “power” in them that could fall into the wrong hands. If this is so, I say they did. They fell into his. He also said that the power wasn’t a danger in the wrong hands anymore… yet he refused to say if they had been returned. The DRC have once again been careless. Will it take more thefts, more break-ins, more deaths to show this man is incapable of getting over his own greed? He stole translations, he stole other books, he killed and stole portions of Shroomie, he stole Phil’s Relto and with it, Phil’s life. At one point I saw and read his second journal (now stolen from him in an odd twist of fate) of how he felt about stealing Phil’s relto and his potential sorrow and regret and guilt. It was all an act, or it has all been washed away. It’s now old news.

The board is set. The pieces are in place. It just seems all the moves have been forgotten.


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