Dereno Ideas

Whew… Busy day. Had some time with the funders today. Seems they still want a few structured meetings. I showed Clarke the transcript of Nick’s discussion of the religious books and he seemed to perk up a bit. I guess I’ll have to show him the King books sometime.. ’till then, he seems placated.

Talked to a “Ja’run” a few days (a week?) ago. Nice guy. Has some good ideas. I want Art to meet him, but I can’t find him… He’s like the Rils to my Nick…

Speaking of ideas, I’m going to try and find a way out of the pod in this new Dereno Age. It’s the sort of place Kingsley would love.

More vocal rumors today that there are Bahro linking into the hoods.. I’d heard rumors a while ago, but I’m not sure…

I can’t shake the feeling something’s going on I don’t know about…


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