Pub damage

My god… so much has gone on. I don’t even want to think about it all..

First off, Engberg and Laxman came to the city. I told them about Wheely being in the Library this afternoon. Eventually we all ran to the Library. As I turn the corner and walk up to the Library, I hear this horrid screech. I look up and a Bahro opens its arms and roars! Then Michael, who knows how… ran into the Library. I followed. We looked around, looking for the crack Wheely had asked about.. Then we heard another screech.. and later a deep rumbling..

We went back to the Pub, ran. And found this.
Good lord… Michael thinks Wheely went back there. Distracted everyone by saying she was at the Library and then squeezed in… shut off her KI.. but now something larger’s collapsed..

I’m going to go somewhere… I don’t know where… try and sleep…

I don’t think I ever will…

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2 Responses to Pub damage

  1. auntyjan says:

    How long were you waiting to see anything happen? I seem to have missed everything. Well done

  2. Arthur Kalnins says:

    Not very long… too fast, really.

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