Another long night… can’t sleep… not after today. Can’t even imagine how Engberg feels about this. His daughter.. the bahro.. it’s overwhelming.

Oh…man… This is rough.

Went over some pictures I took of the little expedition Wheely, Rosette, Tay, Thend, and I took yesterday. Yahvo… Rosette’s already apparently dead…

You almost can’t see her… she’s the one in the red baseball cap…

Every time Wheely saw something dangerous, she did it… and tried to get Rosette to as well.. Rosette always said it was too dangerous. I’m just… not sure… Is that US? Being cautious so we don’t have problems… yet we still do? Maybe Wheely’s still thinking about it… Why was I allowed to live, as I was so reckless… but she was safe, and died?

What sense does that make?
Marie… coming up to update us. Last I heard, they were at the third floor.Shot of the group… Imagine poor Engberg trying to calm his daughter with all these people around…

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