Moving on.

Alright. –“To dwell in the past is to die in the present.” Atrus said it best. There are things to do and not all that much time.

Explored a new Age, one written by an explorer. “Eder Rilteh Inaltahu” which has to be the oddest name I’ve ever heard of… Not all that much there, I really want to explore a few more. Not a lot functions properly in the ages, and there’s some weird things going on with physics (I fly across the floor and fall out of solid walls) but it is so thrilling to walk through ages someone else wrote… I snapped a KI picture and noticed that the old errors I had before with noise and lens issues reappeared. Something interesting was that the age name displayed (or at least tried to) on the picture. Looks like it added some garbled info from elsewhere in my KI.

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