So, as usual… long time since an update. Er’cana work’s really taken a lot of time, but things seem to be working smoother now. My goal is to have 1 million points by the start of the next DRC PR week (I have 769,300 as of now) to try and jump start the lake restoration.

A couple days after Er’cana was released, I found a linking book on one of the trees in my Relto. It was sort of… growing on it. The spine formed into a kind of stem like on an apple. So, being the odd person I am, I picked the book and brought it into my Relto. Unlike the other books on my shelf, the cover had many strange symbols on it. Spirals and circles and polygons, etc. They looked burned or clawed in… I opened the cover and saw by the panel that it was an Er’cana book. I linked through and… don’t quite remember what happened.

I came to in the usual linking spot in the small channel between the Sehnstalk forest (those plants in Er’cana that grow up and split into three stalks, then three more, etc. –that’s why I call them sehn [D’ni for three] stalks)– and the main canyon. Right away I noticed some things were different. The plants normally seen in Er’cana were mostly dried up, burned it seems; some portions of the canyon had fallen apart; and the walls were covered with some of the same symbols as on the book’s cover. Spirals, some I recognized as the symbols of some of the journeys I went on. The Spiral from Delin and Tsogahl, the Reversing Spiral from the pod ages, the Minkata symbol of division, the Shell and others.

The walls were almost black with symbols and lines. That was the other odd thing, just lines with no connection to the symbols or the other lines. Other patches had deep grooves, scratches. All with that same burned, scratched-on look. I took a few pictures and processed them and most of the symbols vanished.

I had to brighten the picture from inside the hopper station because the power has been cut to most of the facility. (Thanks to Tweek for the KI tags) Not sure what’s going on, but I’m still using it to help churn out pellets.


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