Phil Henderson: Ending an Investigation

So… Phil’s back. Didn’t meet the guy. He sounds fine.. Cryptic, prophetic, but not unstable.

I’m really not sure about… much of anything. I spent the last few years looking for him, digging for new answers. I got a few, but… He came on his own. And what he said was.. encouraging. Better than Sharper’s “They’re coming, arm yourselves!” I feel like Sharper now… “I’ve been sick…”

I’ve been sick. But now I feel better. Something will happen, good or bad. But for some reason I don’t care. I just want to know more. I’ve been staying away from the Cavern for a long time. I thought it was because I feared the constant presence of the Bahro.. but, I’m not sure. Phil is… a breath of fresh air from the office politics and irrational fears…

I’ve been sick.


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