Taking another short break from working on the office and Gatehrahn. Felt I should put some progress stats up here. First, some context.

I’m working on a five phase age-creation system.

Phase One: Age concept. Similar to initial mapping, I make some general sketches of what I want to do with the age (how will I get power, that sort of thing) and what things to specify in the writing. Like, if I want an office encased in rock, I need to specify that the rock in that area is, say, granite, and not, say, talc. Basic environment, etc…

Phase Two: Age writing. Obviously an intensive step. All the usual things included in the step. Climate restrictions, orbit of any celestial bodies, foliage growth, etc.

Phase Three: Initial link and detailed mapping. I link in to test the age and make sure it’s secure. Once I’ve gathered nothing horrible is going to happen, I do some very basic surveying (approximate land size, rock consistency, climate, elevation and grade) and make detailed (if illegible :P) maps of the surrounding area.

Phase Four: Construction: Another large phase. Any structures or modifications to the age are put in place. Buildings, power generators, additions or creation of caves.

Phase Five: Approval: The Age is sent to the Maintainers to be approved.

So, with all that, the Office is just passed phase three and phase four is under way. Gatehrahn is in phase one, waiting for me to get done with the Office.

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