Obviously, if you’ve paid attention to the events in cavern, you can understand why I haven’t had a chance to update this… Lots going on. Let’s start…

Ahnonay was released on the 2nd. It’s very much the same as I remember from the old Path. With a few people’s help, I went through the Age in a couple days. It’s very impressive once you understand it, and I think this time I understood it better than the first time around.

On the third, many people found a link to the island of K’veer. It hadn’t changed much at all from the K’veer seen when many took the Path of the Tablet. That day, Bahro began flying around the arch of Kerath, screaming and apparently fighting. Phil later came in and said that they were coming (assumed to mean the Bahro and the War). Kodama came in later and said he was leaving the restoration for now.

The next day Marie dropped off the Great Zero stained glass pieces and the Bahro began to land and dive-bomb people.

And finally, yesterday, Bahro began appearing in K’veer and every other place in the cavern. Explorers heard a very loud, deep growl in the City and, about four hours later, Yeesha appeared in K’veer. Along with what we have heard and assumed before about the evil Bahro, Yeesha gave some new insights. The leader of the evil Bahro is easily identified as he is missing a large patch of skin from his left shoulder. He is the one Esher took the skin he used to form his linking pelt. It seems, from what I can tell, that Yeesha is now carrying that skin (or something else the evil Bahro would seek). She is going to try and lure the evil Bahro away as long as possible for us to “find a way” to “make a home”. Destruction, she says, is almost here.

So now we seem to be on our own. I’m hearing that a few ResEngs are staying down to keep up the orientations and make sure no one starts trying to destroy things, etc. The Bahro have all left. I’m hearing almost no calls in the neighborhood (roughly the same number I heard back before the tablet was released).

On lighter news, I’ve got an interesting idea I want to try out. Maybe it will keep people entertained and in good spirits while we wait for better news and get to work.


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