Back in business

Got a call the other day from Kingsley and the other funders. Haven’t talked to them in a while. Seems they want to fund my work again. Clarke said there were some other things they were interested in I might be able to help with later on. Not quite sure what he meant by that, but it’s good to hear they’re still around. The paid team and the volunteers seem to have shrunken in numbers since I saw them when they started. Seems a lot of them are working for a woman called Caroline. Either way, I told them I’d spread the word that they’re looking to hire people to work for SR. Not sure what I can do, though.

Work is slowly progressing on the Office in Jehruthsehv (I’m thinking of changing the name. Too long). I can swear the lights in the distance are flashing more and more. I’m beginning to wonder if I made some error in describing the stars in the age and I’m seeing them explode through the heavy fog in the age.

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