11/24 Update

Finished cleaning out and re-filling the old office area the day before Thanksgiving. Things were a bit too hectic on the surface for an old-style family meal so I stayed down here during that time to work on my projects. Got a message from Clarke later that day. He’d noticed I hadn’t left yet and invited me to his family’s gathering. Fun time.

I decided that the old area of the island I was tunneling into was too unstable and so I chose a spot on the north side of the island. I’ve got some more detailed plans as well for some nice private areas, but I need to work on the other areas first. If I need areas shut off, I have some new doors I can install. I’d like to work on getting a proper mechanism to open and close them, but that’s the kind of wiring I’m not up to.

I found a large cave inside the island. It looks like maybe it was filled with lava at one point which drained out later. Some large slabs of rock fell from the top of the cave. Made some handy bridges. There are also a number of white phosphorescent crystals that will do until I can find some lights. Maybe some guardrails should go in, though…

On a side note, explorer research courtesy of Dr. Watson has revealed a new D’ni word! Beeree, to maintain. So the Guild of Maintainers is officially tehlbeeree.

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3 Responses to 11/24 Update

  1. Gorobay says:

    “The Guild of Maintainers” is “retelbeeree”, not “retelbeereetahn”; anyway, good luck with the island-tunneling! If slabs of rock fell from the ceiling, I’d say the north side might not be completely stable either, so be careful.

  2. Whilyam says:

    I thought it was the maintainers Guild, not the maintain guild?

  3. Gorobay says:

    It is, but the guild names are contracted. E.g. “Guild of Messengers” is “telshee”, short for “telokh sheetemsootahntee”.

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