Office Excavation

Tremor in the Crevice. I need to get some working lights in there and investigate the stability of the area. I’ve done some basic surveying and the Crevice is approximately 50 feet deep, 20 feet wide, and at least 70 feet long. The rock, like most everywhere else inside the island, is a kind of granite-like rock. I still have to do some tests, but it shows some characteristics of sedementary rock, but it’s quite strong. Large slabs of another type of rock (seems to have been ignious rock which cooled over the granite-like rock and then shattered off) form natural bridges over the chasm and small boulders litter the ground.

Most of the public areas have been excavated. I need to get some supports in the main room, but otherwise the areas seem stable.

More lights? I wish I could get a cloud-free day or night to see what’s going on. Maybe the stars are dying out…

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