More New Words

Busy with new issues in on the Office. The tremors haven’t returned, but I’m finding new cracks on my inspections. I’ll need to strengthen the Crevice if I want to make it passable. Perhaps I can try and find some new tools…

Either way. Last Friday A couple new word meanings were recovered by Dr. Watson and the explorers who are helping him out.

bah-tsah-nah – baxana – n. map
(b)bah-tsen – baxen – v. to map
bah-tsen-tahn – baxentan – n. cartographer (lit. “mapper”)
tel-bah-tsen – telbaxen – n. Guild of Cartographers (short for tel-okh-bah-tsen-tahn-tee)

Even though I’ve got more than enough to do, I’m thinking about some new ideas for an age… I wanted to try some formulas with Gahtehrahn, but the concepts I worked out seemed like they were missing something. I’ve gotten a set of new reference works and I might try my hand at some…

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