Noloben Report

A warning, the pictures I got were not pleasant.

Alright, so I arrived in the Restorer’s Guild Neighborhood and signed a few papers (stuff about not suing for evisceration etc. I wouldn’t do that, but I guess the Restorers have to cover their behinds. Not that I saw any of them jumping at the change to risk them coming with us to Noloben, but that’s their choice.

We linked in on the beach to a pretty nasty sight.
The bodies are in pretty bad shape. Most are burned and scratched and others dismembered. The area was most certainly a war zone, though if I’m right some Bahro consider this their home like we consider the cavern our’s. Like we’re called here. Who wouldn’t fight for what you consider a home? Along the beach we found a KI. Not sure if it was there last time Tweek had an expedition… I think he’s taken it. Maybe something is on it. I didn’t see any remains around the KI so I can only imagine its owner was able to link away.

We did a quick look around the upper portion of the main island. In some areas the grass was torn apart though the lab for some reason was intact. More bodies up there, They littered pretty much every part of the beach. Many in worse shape even then the ones I got photos of. After that unpleasantness, we went back down to the beach and into the tunnels to Esher’s lab. Again, the place was littered with the most disgusting things. The smell, particularly in the tunnels, was bad.
As we made our way into the lab, an interesting thought occured to me. All the devices that had been there before (the Bahro soap bubble, the pedestals) were all missing. Indeed there were no remnants of anything the Bahro had brought there. It makes me wonder how this place was like before when the Bahro were free and not so bitterly divided. Perhaps they changed the landscape for fun like we play sports.Once inside, I noticed the lab was fairly clean. I would imagine that, considering the historical implications of the building, that the nekisal bahro wouldn’t like fighting or existing in this area. We quickly located some of Esher’s notes and I took some pictures of a few.

The ones I noted the most were ones that seemed to detail the structure of a Bahro’s head and its eye (the picture I think depicts the eye also having the symbol ofthe snake on it). These all had stains of blood covering most of them. I’m not sure I even want to think about the state in which Esher wrote down these notes.

On the top level inside the cage, I found a Bahro body. I’m not sure if it’s one from one of Esher’s last experiments or one of them trying to hide from the war surrounding them, but it was a very sad little thing. Before we left, I took it out and brought it with me.I’m keeping it, for now, in Eder Gira. Cleaning it up. Not sure what, if anything, I’ll do with it. I’m not going to stuff it, but perhaps I can do some research on it. Might go back to Noloben again to try and bury some of the bodies. Least, I guess, we can do.

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