D’ni Language Reserch Project: Food, Caterer

New D’ni words! A whole mess of them.

Food, Cater, Caterer, Guild of Caterers

doo – DU – n. food
(b)doo’shol – DU’Sol – v. (to) cater (der -> DU (food), Sol (prepare))
doo’shol-tahn – DU’Soltan – n. caterer
tel-doo’shol – telDU’Sol – n. Guild of Caterers (short for tel-okh-doo’shol-tahn-tee)

So, for Christmas, we’ll be eating D’ni doo doo? Boy, does that sound lovely.

I’ll be busy tomorrow organizing some of my equipment (as well as picking up some new equipment). Looks like the funders are interested in showing off the idea I have for an age once I find out if it’s safe. I have to make it first though…

I’ve got a few notes written down, and I’d really rather not write it until the New Year (relaxing and merriment can be such a drag, right?). But they still want me to use the old eye symbol. Sent me a few crates of equipment today with it branded on there. So I’ll work on it this new year. Once I make sure it’s safe, I guess I’ll pass it on to the maintainers to check out. I know the funders want it released, though I think that’s just to brag about it…


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