Thinking about exploring Tokotah II. It’s the building where the Pub is and it’s where Wheely died. Maybe there’s something there. I still need to get some equipment and figure out just what I’d do there before moving forward. From my studies, the back half of that building is badly damaged.

In the Office, I saw more of those flashes. The log’s attached. If anyone know what these are, I’d love to know.

Related to that, I’m thinking of setting up a camera in the Office and hooking it up to fire when the flashes occur. Can’t help feeling like whenever I link out a bunch of UFOs must land and have a party.

12.26.07 -22798:
Time | # | Duration | Color | HW from Horizon| Degrees
o8.00|01|5 sec|purple|5.5|10|
08.12|02|3 sec|magenta|2.5|23|
09.34|01|4 sec|red|4.0|45|
09.35|01|4 sec|red|3.5|40|
09.37|01|5 sec|red|6.0|25|
10.00|02|5 sec|teal|5.0|15|
10.43|04|1 sec|yellow|2.0|67|
16.34|01|1 sec| gold|1.0|50|

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