Finished restoration of a set of five D’ni stories from the Lara collection. Sent them off this afternoon to Mr. Barnes. It’s too bad more people aren’t getting involved with this as this seems right up a lot of people’s alleys. Seems only a year ago we were all clamoring that the DRC didn’t let us do anything. Now we have a man who’s worked with the DRC giving out documents to be restored and Dr. Watson asking for translation help and I see very few people getting involved.

Regardless, I can only do what is in front of me. Currently, I’m resting in Negilahn. Might be the time of day, but I’m not hearing many reepah or the little pahnuhdoys. Normally I hear a lot of the Reepah’s howler monkey-like cries and the pahnuhdoy’s squeaking.

Delaying some work on the office age as some issues with the extruder have come up and I’m not up to fixing them at the moment.

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