Work Progress

Still waiting for some equipment to show up. Looks like the 17th will be our day.

Hadn’t been to my work-room on the office in a while. I didn’t have time to worry about any flashes in the sky, just some of the work I still have. Lots of it. Sorted through a pile of the Lara Documents and found a couple to fast-track. I’m beginning to get the hang of restoring things. I set aside a large pile for later somewhere safe. Need to get some shelves… I really need to get some proper living quarters. Maybe I’ll work on that soon… The Crevice in the office age is worrying me…worried it might still be active.

We got a new D’ni word from the “Linguists”. “torihnai” meaning cold.

I’m compiling some notes for a couple new Age projects. I like the possibilities of both.

Speaking of notes, I have to get some good scans of the Esher documents Tweek and I picked up. Maybe work on a few notes myself with the body I brought back. I built a nice structure to keep it cool and preserved. Though, I’m preserving it as I would earth animals. Who knows how these things preserve themselves or whatever…

I’ve been thinking about Esher and Sharper and why both thought the Bahro were “creatures”. I’m thinking it’s possible that, seeing bodies and the inner workings of them gave them a gruesome insight into them. Esher saw their guts, Sharper saw their viciousness in war. When all you see is unpleasantness, I must admit I can think of them as lesser beings if all I think about is the structure of that corpse.

Got to compile those notes… then get to sleep…

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