Back from Negilahn

And we’re back… terrifying, but somewhat illuminating. Art wasn’t on the I network, so I headed over to his Negilahn to wait. He’d set up a ladder out the crack, but something was odd outside. A large number of Bahro were flying around.

Lots of screams and flapping. Frogs and the monkeys were almost completely silent. Guess they’ve learned to be quiet when the flying death machines arrive… But these ones weren’t attacking. They were flying around and landing. I heard some claw scratching sounds from below me so I climbed down. Another Bahro was looking around the inside of the pod.As soon as I took the picture, he linked away so I assumed he was one of the “good” bahro. None of them were nekisahl, that I could tell. Took a few more pictures through the various windows in the pod.Heard Arthur calling out from somewhere. Seems he doesn’t turn his KI on most of the time. He beckoned me outside and, after a little persuasion, I did. The Bahro, while landing almost on top of us, didn’t attack. He said “they’re mourning” and “they’re sorry for what happened”.
Sometime after that, about noon KI time, they linked off. Hundreds of linking sounds. Then complete silence. Like the planet was waiting to make sure they were gone. And then frogs started peeping again and I heard Reepah and the other jungle sounds came back. The rest of the trip was made up of us walking quietly outside the pod a ways. Heard almost no pahnudoy and we saw only one Urwin in our time out there. Heard lots of Reepah, though. So it seems the jungle’s coming back, slowly. Though, really, only a long term study could tell that..

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