Work’s finally progressing nicely on the Office. The observation room is pretty much set. Assuming my focus lasts, I might have the age stable enough to move in some more of my stuff in a week. The Crevice has been stable recently.

Got some D’ni mining sensors today. These things are neat, even if they still display in D’ni. They’re the size of a drink coaster, you stick them to the rock and put in whatever you’re attempting to do to the rock (tunnel, open up a room, stairs, sculpture, you name it) and it puts out (what I think are) the type of rock, density, impurities, extruder settings, driller settings, and probability of success in the project.

Also got a number of more reference works for my ages. Going a more interesting way now that I was tipped off to these books. Instead of trying to decipher which Great Words do what, I’m researching their meanings through a few of the Writer’s Guild’s reference books and discussion books.

Tomorrow, I’m going to work on some designs for some furniture for the Office. Got a lot more potential space now…

As an aside, I noticed the Bahro in the Bahro caves are still fighting. This leads me to an interesting possibility. That, while now with a free will and with the freedom to decide and take sides, the Bahro in the Caves are unable to actually leave and so they’re actually trapped there until explorers take the journey and free them.

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