Tests and a Something

Today I did some documentation on my age, to see how it had come out. Despite having gleaned most of my knowledge from other books containing the Gahrohevtee, from what I can see I may have, quite luckily, created a stable age. I still have many tests to do, which I will try tomorrow, but with the exception of the tremors (which I should have expected based on the type of island I was attempting to create) nothing seems out of place here. I also checked the Great Words I used with the reference books on Writing and it seems I have no contradictions. At least that I can see. I was slightly apprehensive using the method I did, but I had no choice, and it looks as if I was lucky.

In other experiences, I was working on sorting some documents in my new study this morning when I heard this strange cry. Long and haunting. I’m thrilled at the possibility of meeting my new age’s first bit of wildlife. By the time I had gotten up to the surface, though, I saw nothing and the sound had stopped.

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