Kemo Journal

Decided to post more of my journal during my first visit to Kemo. Figured a transcript rather than a photo might work out better.

Unknown Date/Time: Age of Eder Kemo

I’ve returned in the morning to find the age as serene as before, besides the occasional rain storms. I’ve explored the age more and find it much different than it’s “sister” age Gira. The linking point sits upon a man-made shelter. The floor is branded with the odd stamp I saw back in the Cleft and have noticed in other Ages. From that floor grows a three-legged stone shelter with a small lamp in it. Walking forward from the shelter, I cross over a bridge and under a lamp post before opening up into a large basin to my right. At the end closest to the linking point, an abstract fountain sits along with two small benches and two lamp posts about twelve feet high. Continuing down a small flight of stairs into the shallow basin leads me to a grove of creaking trees. They have an odd design which seems as if it would be unable to hold its own weight and yet, should I stand on it, it shows no signs of stress. I must assume a system of roots for this tree must go down very deep, perhaps some into solid rock. The tops of these trees are stranger still as they do not appear to be made up so much of leaves, but of a large “plate” of moss and lichen and tiny flowers. I cannot tell if this “plate” is something which the tree produces or whether it acts as host to various plants (perhaps taking in nutrients from them in a kind of symbiosis?). In the middle of this grove is a tall stone pillar, asymmetrical as it seems naturally carved by (I believe) water. To the right of this grove is a stand of bamboo-like trees and a large gazebo (I should also note that more of those strange cloths can be found here in numerous locations). As I continue to the other side of the basin, the creaking trees continue every few feet. After the tunnel enterance, they are no longer seen in the age.

Through the tunnel, a new, open area is revealed dominated, like the other area, with many type of plants and structures. I’ve noted a number of small flowers and plants in the age which seem prevalent. Ones that resemble brightly-colored lettuces or cabbages. Others that are similarly colored with pointed leaves (petals?). In the second area, new species come in addition to the old. I believe the older species must have a more efficient means of reproduction, therefore they are more prevalent. A succulent species and a kind of metallic-colored fern are added to the small plant’s category here. However, there are larger and more exciting plants further on. From coming out of the tunnel and turning to the left, a large grove of humming trees are obvious. The trees have a trunk with a thick base which gets immediately smaller and then rises up around six feet to a red and blue-colored “brain”-like top (perhaps for absorbing sunlight?). From that brain structure drop five, blue stems ending in yellow pollen bulbs. A species of bug seems to circle around the pollen stems and may help to pollinate them or perhaps eat the dust as a source of nutrition. The bugs leave if a storm comes. Straight ahead from the tunnel exit is an overhanging ledge with long moss hanging from it. On the ground is a strange symbol. Straight from there is a large floating structure. I’ll call it a sculpture for now. The lights below it glow blue when a storm arrives. Down the path and to the right is another small stand of bamboo-like plants. Farther down the path leads me to another three-pointed shelter with a stone in the center. It is rough, but four-sided. A smaller version of the symbol I’ve seen elsewhere is branded on here as well. Perhaps a kind of Age marker? Following the right fork leads me down another short flight of stairs to another gazebo and a garden of “puffers” I’ll call them. The puffers shoot spores high in the air semi-regularly. Curious why they haven’t spread into the other areas of the Age as the wind is fairly strong here. Found a page for my Relto book and a storybook. Shomat? That’s a strange name… and over a hundred? Either way, it’s an interesting story.

Continuing down the path leads through another tunnel to a small pond lined with cat-tails and lily pads and populated with at least three fish! wondrous little things too. Such a diverse age and, while the storms jolt you awake, very relaxing too.

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