Other Groups

Had a nice chat with J.D.Barnes a while ago in the City about the various splinter groups of the Ronay. Not that everyone doesn’t already know this, but the quick history lesson is that the D’ni were one of a few splinter groups formed from the great race of Garternay, the Ronay. Most of the Ronay went to a luxurious age named Tehrahnee. However Ri’neref brought a (relatively) small number of supporters to a humbler life.

J.D. was talking about the possibility that some of the other groups which splintered off may have developed radically-different forms of age writing. As Dr. Watson said, nothing could be found in D’ni books. But who knows if something was developed by one of the splinter groups.

It was also interesting to hear his ideas about the Bahro. As he pointed out, the Bahro can’t be able to link anywhere as the nekisal would have already been able to find and destroy whatever gizmo’s out in the ages that would be able to stop them and, as I pointed out, nothing is perfect. I suppose you can say that a Bahro being able to be killed by a bullet has a weakness, but I think there must be more. They can’t be all-singing all-dancing all-powerful death machines. A creature like that doesn’t exist. There must be limitations. Perhaps the Bahro can only link somewhere once a link is made by another creature, or perhaps removing their skin prevents them from linking (perhaps the reason their leader wants his back). Who knows. J.D. seems to think that something may come from the Lara documents. While I doubt that, who knows.

I’ve been looking into the power stations and other facilities in the DRC-released ages. Most of my equipment has worn down from neglect. With Er’cana released, I moved most of the equipment I need power for there. Areas like Gira are now more for recreation than anything else (I still have the “barbecues” up). I think I’m going to dismantle most of my age modifications for now. Perhaps some of the ideas could be used in the Office.

I realize my entries have been getting shorter. I’ve been looking into other areas of study as a way of keeping myself occupied as well as providing funding should I need it (Quite an enticing proposal from someone interested in outer space and wormholes). I will try and keep this updated with news of what I’m doing. Though I must admit I enjoy this more relaxed time vs. my time filled with projects.

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