Met with Arthur. Not quite sure if he’s staying, but I wanted to go over plans for what we’d do if the DRC announced it wouldn’t be coming back. I’m also hoping to talk to vid and a few others. Maybe get a good-sized group together. We’d need to be self-sufficient one way or another, though. Whether it’s part of the group finding funding or simply living smart down here. I’ve got most of the equipment for the Tokotah II trip regardless of what goes on.

Talked to Clarke as well. Looks like he’s having no luck so far. Though he does still have some contacts. From what I hear from him, Ava’s doing a lot of work behind the scenes in SR. Looks like they’re planning for the future too.

Visited the Office again today. I think I’ve finally found a name I like for it. Tor’oolbah. Short for torihnai oolbah. Cold office. I think that’s pretty much obvious. I’ve been intrigued by the long, haunting calls I hear over the water. I’d like to set up a microphone and record them.

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