A Note

Found a note in the office today from Arthur:

“Sorry I couldn’t deliver this in person, but I’ve been called for now. You described the feeling to me, what, three years ago? ‘Like how you feel when you’re hungry, or when you fall in love with someone. It feels like there’s something missing and you long to fill it.’ I’ve felt that a number of times. Now it’s even stronger. There are more journeys out there than the one most have been on. There are more worlds than anyone will see. I’ve seen them all. The Writer’s Potential. Infinite worlds providing hope for a resolution to the Bahro War. I’ve also seen the end. Bahro destroying everything, even the worlds that know nothing of them for the great injustice that was done to them. People must know this and realize it. That all of us have great potential, great hope, and should use it even in the face of would-be-insurmountable odds. For now, I’m going on another journey, into the worlds I’ve seen. I hope others may one day join me. But people must know.

The path of the snake holds the darkness at bay.
The bringer of pain will know only part.
The gathered will teach and learn.
The gathered will weep and sing.
The gathered will make and destroy.
The gathered will live and die.
The gathered will choose the end.

Do not be deceived.


I took the picture above right around the time I brought Arthur down…

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