Finished documenting most of the areas we got access to this past year. Obviously places like Minkata I’ll never be able to.

Took a trip to the Tokotah rooftop this afternoon. Not sure when it happened, but almost all of the books from up there have been removed. Looks like all the books about the Kings that were being revised up there. Guess they were storing them away until they could work on them.

It’s very depressing to go around and see all this closing again. Even though it seems a bunch of us will be staying down no matter what, it’s still sad that we’ll never get to see some of the areas the DRC controls.

I’ve got one more shipment of supplies until I have to make due on my own…

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2 Responses to Books

  1. Erik says:

    The notebooks about the kings have been gone since the Great Scream. Either the Bahro took them away, or the DRC had planned to take them to the Hall of Kings and then forgot about it…

  2. Tweek says:

    I’m sure I saw them on the roof top since the scream.

    Either way it is a slight pain, I had not gotten around to documenting the books up there since the DRC had returned.

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