Jo’nae Expedition Day One

I’ve been looking around at the more recent explorer-made ages and I have to say there’s much for me to learn still. The ages of Jo’nae (jo’-nah-eh) got my interest… The writer seems to have a deep interest in D’ni as, from what little exploration I’ve been able to do so far, I see D’ni lettering everywhere in the ages. The age I linked to today seems to be a massive cave complex. There are quite a number of lanterns and fires burning to keep the place lit.
Following the labyrinth of paths around the place, I came across a sign marking the area “G’shen”. Not sure what that means. And… take? Take is “shento” though… Anyway, I marked the entrances on my map to come back to.
Returning to the path, I followed another cave to another “district” with a pit of some kind. Going down, I found a haunting Gahreesen-like area looking over a large forest.
The walls are a curious form of rock and the rooms the paths lead to have some strange machinery. It seems to be laser or light based. I pressed the buttons to turn them green and went back to the paths in G’shen and looked out over the forest.
Looked like a good enough spot to stop for the day. My feet are tired from all the walking. I’ll go back tomorrow.

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