Jo’nae Expedition: Day Two

Finally getting some time to type this up before I head out to explore yet another world. After fiddling with the laser walls, I explored more of the forest. The trees grow on small floating islands bridged by cobblestone bridges. On each “level” there are small ladders connecting them to the one above and below. The ladders are very natural-looking. I’m not sure if they were put there or grown there.

Reached the swamp-like bottom later in the day. Going through a little gate in the rock opened up a series of caves deep into the rock. The whole area lit by a few lanterns.
Up until this point, I had no real idea what this place was for (I still don’t, really). Some looks like a home for people down here in the cavern. Some looks like a level in World of Warcraft. Some looks like Gahreesen. But as I rounded the bend out of the second cave, I think I found what the age is meant for.
Seems whoever wrote the age intended (or intends) to go into space with the ship. The area is filled with crates of supplies. I wonder where they all went… Regardless, I found a linking book to another part of Jonae. Obviously in Jonae itself it doesn’t work, so I took it with me and will go out shortly to explore this world as well.

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