Jo’nae Expedition: Day Three

This post has been a long time in coming. Taking some time getting supplies set up for the coming months. Murmurs of something happening soon. I find myself hurrying to make myself a home, to find a way.

Regardless, my final day in Jo’nae (an age I’ll still be interested in for many months to come as I explore it more in depth) was quite interesting. From what I can tell from observing the sky (which seems to be always night) I’m on the same planet I was before, but in an explorer “neighborhood” type area on the surface of the planet. I linked into a small courtyard. There was a strange lamp-like switch nearby as well. During my explorations I saw many similar switches opening doors with their symbols on them.The flora in the age, however, were the most stunning. Large shrooms similar to those in Teledahn only these have bright undersides with a slight phosphorescent glow (likely to attract pollinators in the dim-lit world). I climbed the nearby staircase to a fascinating balcony view (which I won’t spoil here) and then returned through the arch out into the main dwelling/recreational part of the age.
While I can’t read the age documents provided, it does seem some talented writers wrote the link to this age. Talented builders as well. The huts are warm and inviting and, while not staying too long in case those who made this were to come back, I did enjoy looking around. Particularly at the crystal temple structure (which seems as if it shares the crystal type found on the web-ship.I’ll have more updates on other things later.

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