Well it seems official now, barring some miracle. The DRC isn’t finding new funding, and, from what I’ve heard, they don’t seem to feel that funding is likely to arrive anytime soon. In a couple days many people (voluntarily or otherwise) will be leaving the cavern. Some for a second time. I spent most of today collecting the final photos of people I’ve gotten over the past year. Tidying up Relto, etc.

While the Guilds are still up and working to start releasing soon, it just won’t be the same to see people as much as before. Without the people, who knows? I may even leave. But that’s for later. For now, I think we still have a future down here. I still feel called.

To that end, I also spent some of today working on getting some more documentation together. Though I’m spending most of my time saying goodbye to friends down here… I can work on my ages later. I only hope I get to say welcome back to them all one day soon.

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