Seems something’s happened to the instancing. I’ve only recently gotten this connection back up. There was at least one Bahro looking around on the night of the 9th. Phil’s Relto, K’veer, and, apparently, Kirel. They (or it) always looked to the sky or the ceiling. No one’s really sure what’s up at the moment, but it seems we’ve all been diverted to personal instances of the City and the neighborhoods. Some people are reporting that some or all of their books were destroyed. Thankfully mine are still intact.

Things are moving very fast down here. These latest events have somewhat turned off the people I had gotten interested, but only time will tell.

Learned just the other day that Tweek will not be leaving. vid’s also still down here as well as Dalken and most of the other people I knew down here. I’m hearing most, though, are leaving in light of this instancing split. Still watching, but not down here.

Getting some final Phase 1 work finished on Tor’oolbah this Sunday. Atheni has been kind enough to help me get some of the designs straightened out.

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