Still doing routine checks of the ages for any other issues as a result of these latest events. All of the ages that were part of Yeesha’s journey are fine. I’ve seen no changes in the areas open to explorers. The ages opened by the DRC this past year seem to have undergone no visible changes either. It seems that only the cavern has been affected. The Nexus links to the Cavern now go to the same individually-instanced version that the books in Relto go to. The Great Zero is still active as it was before and it seems everything is the same.

Except that there’s no way for us explorers to easily meet. I’ll still need to test this theory, but I think a way for small groups to gather might be found through the link to the Cleft. From what I can tell, it is still linked to the “real” Earth’s surface and every explorer who has finished Yeesha’s journey has a link to there. It might be possible to organize some trips if need be.

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