Finished processing the samples. The water (while disgusting) seems to be nothing more than ordinary pond water similar to that on earth.

The air’s a little more tricky. I’ve identified a microscopic species of plant life in the air. Seems there’s something odd with it, though. Whenever it comes in contact with anything it breaks down and, essentially, evaporates. Seems to spread via spores in the air. Must have a rapid life cycle considering their high mortality rate. Otherwise, the air seems close enough to earth’s atmosphere for it to be breathable and lack any potential danger (high oxygen content would = boom).

With that, I think I’ll post about getting some people to help catalog the age.

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One Response to Tests

  1. Erik says:

    Shorah Whilyam,

    I’m afraid I don’t know much about plants and such, but if you want I can give your Age an inspection though. I’m really interested in seeing more of your Age! 🙂

    – Erik

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