Long Nights

More long nights in Tor’oolbah collecting notes in an office ready to fall apart. Perhaps I need to get to work on rebuilding this place…

I’ve decided on the general pattern I’ll follow for my rest Age. As it’s much larger, it’s more difficult to properly describe it. Most of the time some minor shortcuts can be taken if you don’t particularly care what a certain feature is like. Others have easy formulas able to be used repeatedly. Rocks, for an example. Ideally, I’d like a variety of environments so I could rest depending on what mood I’m in. I’m thinking large islands by a river or a lake so I could cool off if need be. Trees for shade. Canyons for something interesting to see. I’ll need to draw up a design for a bridge to span the islands and figure out the proper description for rivers and lakes.

In news from the cavern, there’s a rumor that something else may happen to the cavern sometime soon. From what I hear, the Bahro may soon be re-uniting the instances. Though the source may be in question… I’m curious if anything is down in my instance with me. I could swear I see someone from the neighborhood viewer occasionally… and occasional sounds echoing from somewhere near. Doors opening.

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