Pools of Nothing

They appeared in my instance of the City a few days ago. Starting off usually as specks the size of a grain of rice or small cracks in the rocks. In the last day, however, I noticed that they have grown dramatically. What’s stranger still is that every instrument or device I put up to them registers absolutely nothing. That is, when they choose to register at all. The KI goes haywire around them too. The largest ones in particular. I managed to snap a couple of pictures of them. They only appear in the instance of the cavern I was forced into some months ago (the surface link is unaffected as it leads to the “real” earth, so far as I can tell). The neighborhoods, the great shaft, the City, the Zero, everywhere. Pools of nothing. Nothing beyond, nothing in, just nothing. No sound, almost all devices cease working around them. They’re even hard to see. Like they’re there, but you don’t recognize them. Yet they’re solid too. I dropped a firemarble on one to see what would happen, and it simply bounced off.

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