Been working on re-calibrating some of the D’ni sensors. These holes are messing with them. For now I’m going to move them out of the City until I can figure out what is going on in my City instance.

I’m also drawing up some plans for some future ages. Rumor has it that there are some people working to get explorer-written ages approved for distribution. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I have a number of plans going on. Just started working with the people at Subterranean Restorations. Said they had a project I could be useful on. I’ll keep this blog updated on it, but they aren’t letting me say anything. Suffice to say structural integrity is going to be an enormous challenge. Kingsley also said he’d be willing to help out with supplies for my other ages, but I’ll have to report to him. Fun times. Wonder if I can get Clarke interested too. Maybe he can distract Kingsley long enough for me to get something done.

Thinking about getting a self-contained music player into Maw. Also working on some more tests in Fens before I open it up to more people. I’m still not quite sure about the environment quality. Especially the water.

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