The Mistakes

Found this odd little book on my shelf today. It’s an item I got from the Lara Documents. It’s a small, thin book roughly the size of a slim CD jewel case with the most amazing cover. The title reads “r’ahvehtee” or “The Mistakes” (literally “the errors”). As I was still thinking about where I might find where the DRC put my restored glass works, I decided I’d work on it. I’ll put up the full translation and send it off to Barnes later, but I translated a few of the pages andthey seemed quite nice. Seems sort of like a D’ni zen thing, only focused at the idea of people’s mistakes.

Do not punish mistakes. They are the teachers of us.

Do not avoid mistakes. Fools who think they can learn no more are the only ones who do so.

Rejoice, you are not perfect.

Show your imperfection but do not flaunt it. It keeps you from pride.

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