The Traveler’s Stories

Digging around in my archive of D’ni documents, I found a rather large collection of hard-bound books whose title loosely translates to “The Traveler’s Stories”. According to them, in the later years of the empire, a wealthy guildmaster of the Surveyor’s Guild funded a rather extensive project on the cultures sometimes found within Ages. Up until that point, the only descriptions of the Ages and the people or other sentient beings contained within came from the official Maintainer’s guild logs -which, as I can say as a first-hand reader of them, were about as exciting as watching mud dry. The stories seem to have been intended to be released to the general public and allow a friendly introduction into cultures usually only the elite got an opportunity to contact. Unfortunately, D’ni was a conservative culture, especially then, and the books were mostly a failure. However, the guildmaster’s exstensive resources allowed him to force the project through to its conclusion. Given the volume and numbering on them, I seem to have the whole set. Or at least very nearly.

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