New D’ni Location

Been neglecting this blog for a while. I’ve spent more time reading histories than I’d like to admit.

Recently I got my hands on an area in D’ni. Seems like it might be the City Proper, but the coordinates are shot. Smallish place. I should be able to restore it fairly quickly. Can’t stop this feeling like I’m being watched, though. Probably the eye motif I see in this place.

I’m still working on a consultant-basis with SR. Interesting stuff, but it takes time away from my Ages. I really want to clean up Vasaran…

Speaking of which, this new D’ni location has some tie into Vasaran. Not quite sure how, but I found the book to the D’ni area under some rubble in the main chamber in Vasaran. There are plenty of documents here, so once I’m finished looking through them I should have a better idea of what this place is.

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